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Exploring New Methods of Appreciating Butterflies
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Publish-date-icon September 18, 2012
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We have often considered butterflies within our stomach whenever we are thinking of doing something that causes us to be feel nervous, such as a public performance. However, this association negates the true beauty that lies within them. The butterfly originates from meager beginnings, in the form of a shapeless, colorless cocoon, however demonstrates its miraculous transformation in the form of a colorful and beautiful winged creature. This really is truly an incredible event to witness.

Did you know that in Mandarin, the term butterfly means "of seventy years" and symbolizes long life? In Japan, if your butterfly flits home and sits around the bamboo screen, it means your true love is coming. The ancient Greek word for butterflies originates from exactly the same root as psyche or soul/mind. For us modern, scientific-oriented folk, the sight of a brightly colored butterfly darting from flower to flower makes us smile. The simple beauty of the sun's rays shining through their wings catches our attention and warms our inner beings like being covered with a towel straight from the dryer.


Butterflies in many cases are the subject of art. In fact, the butterfly has been found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics estimated to be over 3500 years of age. Within the Mayan culture it had been present with have butterflies carved into the temple walls or to be depicted on incense burners. The Aztecs also had butterfly symbols. Monarchs really are a sign that spring weather is not far behind, as well as their thousands of miles migrations each year from the Caribbean up through Mexico in to the Usa and Canada are nothing under miraculous.

To a lot of, butterflies are considered feminine, perhaps since they're so airy and graceful. They adorn jewelry and little girls' ribbons. They are a well known spring pattern on children's clothes, and in wispy curtains and bedding. But, guys can appreciate the butterfly as well when captured in art.


One of the ways is through the skill of photography. In a monochromatic room, an image of the butterfly, especially a white or black the one that brings out the different textures and lightweight, could be the perfect focal point. Even color shots of tree nymphs which are almost zebra patterned can function. A few of the swallowtails, whose wings are mostly in browns and blacks, can continue to appear masculine if they're captured correctly with the camera. Should you prefer a pop of color to match cushions or vases, a photograph of a butterfly on your wall may be just the added touch you need to complete the room's look.

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